The dismantling of the EPA should really worry people of color


By Wendi C. Thomas on The Undefeated

Here’s the proof that presidential candidate Donald Trump was serious when he promised to leave only “little tidbits” of the Environmental Protection Agency left if he were to be elected. A White House budget proposal calls for a 25 percent cut to the EPA’s $8 billion budget and 20 percent fewer staffers.

The EPA’s environmental justice office faces a 78 percent budget cut, from $6.7 million to $1.5 million. In response, and not surprisingly, the head of the EPA’s environmental justice office, Mustafa Ali, resigned on Thursday. Communities of color – already feeling besieged by proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act and the fight over the future of public education – have to pay close attention to the EPA and the environment as well. Their lives may well depend on i

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