What I’m Working On

Radical Hospitality through Social Media
Radical Hospitality through Social Media is an ongoing digital and real-world engagement plan for the  United Methodist Women of the Greater Washington District. These conversations are designed as an introduction to social media networks; an opportunity to develop new tools to empower District-units and a catalyst to engage in intergenerational spiritual conversations online and in person.

Creating a 21st Century Zoning Ordinance 
The Prince George’s County Planning Department is conducting a comprehensive rewrite of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations. Zoning laws determines how land is used, how buildings are constructed, and what types of businesses are allowed in a community.  Prince George’s County’s zoning and subdivision code establishes fundamental aspects for neighborhoods like walkability, building heights, streetscapes, police stations, schools, and bike trails. As a result of the broad impact of zoning, this a critical aspect in ensuring environmental stewardship, justice, and sustainability.

As the project’s Administrative Specialist, my functions include engaging the community in the rewrite process and educating residents about the impacts of zoning and subdivision.