Planning Magazine Features REMIX THE BLOCK


As you know this summer, I developed the Remix The Block experience for the high school, undergraduate, and graduate students interning for the Prince George’s County Planning Department. I repeatedly say the program was so much fun for me because I LOVE working with students who are passionate and interested in getting to learn more about the neighborhoods that they exist.

As part of the December 2019 issue of Planning Magazine, there was a special feature on developing engagement strategies for helping young people get involved in planning and designing their communities for the future.

I am ecstatic to have been interviewed by Juell Stewart for the December issue of the American Planning Association magazine on Planning for Future Leaders. I had the opportunity to discuss the impetus for designing the Remix The Block summer experience and my perspective on engaging youth in the land planning and community development process. Since planning is a futuristic act, then we should allow the people whose future it is, take a claim to it! Thankful for the trust and support that my Planning Director and the administrative team at the Planning Department provided me. I’m constantly working to integrate new and traditional ways to help people of different backgrounds have more involvement and influence in the future of the places they experience.  Grateful that this program and hard work was recognized as a useful practice for other practitioners.

Read the Article Here –

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