Puerto Rico


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is by far one of the best investigative journalism shows on television. Move over MSNBC and CNN, HBO is doing a heck of a job covering the news. On the most recent episode of of the  series,  Oliver exposes the political and economic decisions (dare I say colonialism) that helped to create current financial catastrophe in Puerto Rico. America’s largest territory  has more than $70 billion of outstanding debt and is on the verge of economic collapse.

[Puerto Rico’s] economy has not grown in over a decade, and there is a $28 billion gap in funding over the next five years alone. Over the next decade, many people will face very real consequences from the developing crisis, and as always, the pressure to emigrate to the continental United States remains high. For many, the situation is fight-or-flight…[Puerto Rico] is an entity that is often almost completely at the whim of Congress, the most dysfunctional body in national politics today.

 from A Commonwealth in Crisis by Vann R. Newkirk II

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