Obama’s Legacy


The Washington Post launched an interactive digital museum of Barack Obama’s tenure in The White House. Throughout his remaining nine months as our Commander in Chief, the publication will release 5 multimedia rooms exploring Obama’s impact on American History and Culture.

The first of the rooms to be unveiled highlights the most divisive, uniting, and enduring pillar of Obama’s legacy as president. The one thing that he did not decide – being Black in America.

The collection uses an array of mediums including articles, podcasts, photographs, and videos to beautifully translate the emotional and psychological aftermath of having a Black President. Using interviews from Civil Rights Movement era activist and present-day freedom fighters, The Post captures what 44th presidency means to Americans.

Check out this excerpt from Black Lives Matter Activist Brittnay Packnett.


View the complete museum on the Washington Post’s Website -https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/obama-legacy/

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