Mid-Atlantic Sourced Meal…is it possible?

How often do we get a true locally-sourced meal? Not only is this Chef sourcing produce and meats from farms in Prince George’s County, but he is also only using ingredients that are from the mid-Atlantic region. That means no olive oil, no lemons and some self-foraging.

Why this chef plans to avoid lemons and olive oil

The Berkshire sow has flopped down on her side inside a sunny, semi-exposed shelter at Cabin Creek Heritage Farm in Upper Marlboro. A couple of piglets, no larger than pugs, are nursing while the remaining newborns gather around their mother’s head, as if looking for face time.

Jeremiah Langhorne is beyond smitten. The chef and owner of the Dabney, the forthcoming restaurant in Blagden Alley, and his two sous-chefs simultaneously release the same sweet, unguarded sound when they lay eyes on the black piglets with their stubby pink legs: Oooooooh!

“They got their little pink socks,” Langhorne says. “They’re so cute!”

– via The Washington Post

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