Local Grocery Store Shopping Conditions

I walk into my local grocery store at 10:23, this is what I see.

All of the beverage refrigerators, magazine racks, and candy/chip racks that are typically at checkout have been moved.

They are shattered throughout the store, in the middle of nearly every aisle, preventing any human being from actually walking the aisle and making selections.

What’s worse is that all of the dirt, grime, change, gum, and anything else you can think of has been left behind exposed by the removal of the racks.

Because some of the racks were refrigerated, that means puddles of water is also left behind. Cashiers and customers alike, tip-toe around trying to prevent fall and injury, because hey, what’s the purpose of letting someone know that there are pools of water on the ground.

Your store doesn’t close until 11, why are you putting your store in this condition before you shut down.

It’s frustrating because so many people in this community do not have access to other options. It’s frustrating because this is the quality of produce, food, and service that many of my neighbors are forced to accept. They don’t have the luxury of shopping at Harris Teeter, Yes Market, MOMs, Giant, Safeway or Costco. I’ve frequented other stores in this chain and I have never experienced anything like this.

I don’t do heavy shopping here, but I do make quick visits because it is convenient. Frequently, I spot check this store to see what’s the quality of food is compare to other grocery stores where I shop. Last Saturday, I popped in to purchase scallions, and they looked horrible. I mentioned it to the manager on duty he said he would fix it.

Of course, when I return tonight, one of the first things I checked was the scallions! These things looked HORRIBLE!

I talked to the manager about it, they tried to give me the run around about everything. “We wanted to get a jump on the floor clean, before the store reopens” (really, 45 minutes makes that big of a difference)

“the produce is bad because the guy who does the cleaning is working the register” (because the guy who starts work at 6, is working the register this red lettuce is rotten.”

I’m done typing. I’m calling headquarters tomorrow.

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