The Edible Activist + The Hipster Garden Grower

Okay! Summer is winding down, so it’s high time that I share a little bit of what I’ve been working on this year. Some people may know, but in August 2018, I entered my first year of a PhD program in Urban and Regional Planning and Design at the University of Maryland College Park.

This experience has been AMAZING, but I’ve been a little slack on sharing what I’ve been working on. So over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to be highlighting some of the musings, conversations, and writings that I’ve been doing for the past year.

Earlier this summer I got to sit down with Melissa Jones, the Edible Activist, to talk about my work with building a more equitable and cool Prince George’s County for her podcast series The Edible Activist. Melissa’s platform through FoodTalksNColor and the Edible Activist is dedicated to highlighting and preserving people of color and their experience as growers, producers, or advocates in advancing equitable and just food spaces.

Listen to my conversation with Melissa Jones on The Edible Activist!


  1. I love grits y’all. Like love love them. And I talked about my affinity for them on the show.
  2. My academic research focuses on capturing the stories of African American settlements communities post the Civil War and the ways in which these communities developed over time, and present threats to their existence (displacement; climate change; loss of community heritage).
  3. My professional practice centers around land use planning education for communities to build more political power for control over our communities.
  4. I had to write a lot of reports and do a lot of presentations growing up. My parents made me. It was primarily because I would do things that were off the chain as a kid.
  5. Melissa’s work is an act of Afrofuturism. Collecting the stories of Black people today, means that you envision black people tomorrow. And when tomorrow is the today, you will see them. And when today becomes yesterday you will see them and hear them as well because of her work.
  6. There were probably sometimes when I got a little spacey — but hey, I enjoy talking about time and space.

Learn more about Melissa Jones, Food TalksNColor, and The Edible Activist at

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