Detroit the Beautiful

Music – Detroit Vs. Everybody Jai Monet Beatz

Detroit is a beautiful city.
How often have you heard someone utter those words?
Detroit is a beautiful city.
If I repeated the phrase would you believe me?
The architecture
The smiles
The history
The food
The art
The bikes
The songs
The cars
The stories
The struggles
The fight
The music
Detroit is a beautiful city.
Detroit is creative.
Detroit is love.
Detroit is tenacious.
Detroit is radical.
Detroit is strong.

One of the ancillary benefits of participating in the Culture of Health Leaders program is getting to travel to new cities across the United States for our quarterly convenings. These meetings are more than just the typical “conference” where “subject matter experts” present monotonous doldrums of facts and figures. Rather — our convenings are transformed into an immersive learning experience where our senses unite with the people who are on the ground building a culture of health.
During our most recent convening hit the road to visit the Motor City. The D. Motown. America’s Comeback City.  The lands of the Anishinaabe. Detroit, Michigan.
In a matter of four days I
The city of Detroit was nothing like I imagined it to be. Like many people, I believed the stories that others told about the city.  I should have reminded myself to believe none of what you hear; half of what you see; Detroit is a fascinating city full of vigor and vitality. Yes, the city has challenges, but I also won’t ignore the fact that I met people who live in and love their hometown and are working to rebuild the Detroit they want for themselves and future generations. 

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