The Inauguration 

#ThrowBackThursday #inauguration2009 #MyPresidentIsBlack
Flashback 8 years ago. Gary Brown, Valawnda Valovin Drakeford and I drive home to attend The Inauguration. Because in reality there is only one inauguration that black people recognize. 
We’re driving along 301 near Fredericksburg, VA. We stopped for breakfast and gas. Valawnda decides to drive. She’s all of Nineteen. I tell her to be cautious, don’t speed; there are a lot of troopers around. Three black kids in a car on inauguration weekend. They are going to try to make trouble. 

She speeds. Lights flash. We get pulled over. We’re scrambling to think of a story. Officer walks up to the car. We sigh in unison. He’s black. 

He asks us where we are headed. Gary jumps in. “We’re going home to see the inauguration. We all worked on the campaign in Greensboro, North Carolina.”

The officer smiles. Tells us to be careful going home because there are a lot of officers out. He returns to his car. We drive away.

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