Central Avenue Connector Trail

Even though I am working on Creating a 21st Century Zoning Ordinance for Prince George’s County (view our project site here), I still want to keep my Prince Georgian’s in the loop about innovative and awesome development projects that are happening in the County. The Prince George’s County Planning Department Strategy and Implementation Division is working on developing the Central Avenue Connector Trail, a multi-modal trail that would connect Capitol Heights Metro Station with Largo Metro Station and all of the communities in between.

Several of the intersections along Central Avenue have high rate of pedestrians injuries or fatalities due to high rates of speed along the roadway. “The east-west trail will provide alternate travel routes for pedestrians and bicyclists, enhance access to alternative modes of transportation, and support safety and mobility along the corridor.

Get involved with this effort by visiting the project’s website at www.pgplanning.org/CACT.htm

Also, check out their informational video below


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