Hi all! My younger cousin has recently been in North Dakota (and around the country) volunteering/protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, a “1,172-mile project that would carry nearly a half-million barrels of crude oil daily from North Dakota’s oil fields through South Dakota and Iowa to an existing pipeline in Patoka, Illinois, where shippers can access Midwest and Gulf Coast markets.” He’s been sharing the information with me, and now I want to share it with you.

Sign the Change.org petition to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and protect our waters.

Family and friends

Please, if you have a minute to watch this video to explain some things that are going on with me right now.

I’m in North Dakota currently, to be in solidarity with the movement to protect our water. Thanks to the OCETI SAKOWIN youth runners Who inspired me to become a part of this movement with their purpose and passion. I was blessed to be on the road with them as they ran all the way from North Dakota to Washington DC in efforts to protect the water that we all drink from essentially. I am here to protect our Mother, our water, and our life for future generations. Once my eyes were open to what was going on here, I felt called beyond reason to be a part of this historic movement where all people from all nations are coming together with this common goal.

On August 11, I was arrested on the front lines with three of my friends from One Tribe Movement and Up to Us. It just so happened that our direct action of peaceful resistance to include a member from all nations within our group. Kelli Love Malia Hulleman Jordan Walker and I decided to carry the runners chant across the construction line protecting the clean water from the Dakota access pipeline workers, Who were at the time illegally operating. They still have not been cleared for construction, and a decision from DC will come tomorrow after the judge hears it in court.

We peacefully sat on the construction site public access road and chanted we run for our brothers, we run for our sisters, we run for water, we run for life. We were arrested for disorderly conduct after crossing a police barricade, and the arrests were totally peaceful. None of us resisting arrest. We were honored and humbled to give this offering, and it was a successful peaceful demonstration.

After being released from prison, I have been singled out for the same action that we all participated in. Out of four of my friends, I was targeted, singled out and served a restraining order by the Dakota access pipeline …which is a multibillion dollar company. This is a tactic to slow down the movement but we will not be stopped. Since that date, I have been away from the front lines with my friends contributing on site to the children at the camp where we all can be safe and where we can be of highest service to this movement.

I’m reaching out to ask for help with legal resources, connections, and funds for this case. I am calling upon anyone who has links to the NAACP and other human rights organizations familiar with our justice system. I was a victim of racial profiling and I need your help! I am requesting assistance, all your prayers, financial donations for this fight because I have never been in this situation before. Please share this post and send our story out to all of your networks, we still need more signatures to prevent the pipeline from going through and destroying our American waters. We still need help here at the campus with resources to feed all of the multitudes of people flocking here to stand up for our earth and for what is right and for each other.

This is not just racial profiling in itself …this is a violation of all human rights and all rights for clean water for all human beings. I am beyond grateful to be a catalyst and a bridge for all nations coming together to protect our water to protect our Land, our ways of living, and the lives of our future generations.

One Love

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