I will…

I’ve always been a word freak. I’ll admit, I am the person who researches the etymological structures of words. I don’t just want to know the definition of a word, I want to know the history behind it. What was the context and the emotion that forced this sound from someone’s brain to their mouth. To all my friends and loved ones who get angry with my love of semantics, I’m not sorry.
Today, I want to focus on dreams and goals. I want to talk about The aspirations that we have for ourselves and the language that we use to describe our future. We may understand that our words are powerful, but do we know why? Not only do our words establish the framework for our interactions with others; it also set forth the intentions for our lives.

Will and Want are two words that are often used to describe our futures. Even though they are often used interchangeably, they really having very distinct meaning.

Want is a desire, recognized as a deficiency or inadequacy. Its origins are rooted in the concept of “lack”. Its an admission of incompleteness. Simply a dream for something that you do not possess. I want an apple. I want to go the Brazil. I want to pass my test. I want a promotion.

Will on the the other hand expresses the future. It claims what is inevitable. It is presented in the future tenses of to be – the expression of existence. (Present singular conjugation of to be is I am, yup what God said).

Knowing that the word “to be” acknowledges what is, the word “will” expresses what “is to come.” Will sets forth the intention of acting or being; while recognizing that the action is not currently occurring. In some instances it is defined as “the faculty (read: in inherent mental or physical power) by which a person decides on and initiates action.” Will is the Miss Cleo of your life, acknowledging where you are, but committing your future self. And future self isn’t just the person that you are 5 years or 5 months from now, but the future self, 5 seconds from now.

Take the following sentences:

I want create a non-profit investment cooperative.


I will create a non-profit investment cooperative.

The first is a general talk about an idea that may have popped into someone’s mind. Something cool, something aspirational.  The latter is an action that someone can begin to implement. Now, I’m not saying that desiring something is bad; but planning and preparing to do that same thing changes the game completely.

The difference between something that you “want” and something that you “will” is your commitment to making it happen. Wanting something, doesn’t make it happen. Willing something does.

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