Soilful City launches new Site


Today I am excited to announce that my good friend, Xavier Brown launches his website for Soilful City  an #urbanagriculture initiative that seeks to bring food power to the people in Wards 7 and 8 in DC.

Soilful City uses the principles of Kwanzaa as a guiding philosophy for creating and sustaining healthy neighborhoods. Intertwining these tenets with the wisdom of Mother Nature allows Soilful City to use agriculture as way to heal and organize stressed communities.

The website, is an interactive space dedicated to the to wisdom of nature , building healthy communities and Agroecology.

Visit the site at

Check us out tonight at Project Eden for SOILFUL THURSDAYS
3754 Martin Luther King Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20032

#washingtondc #urbanfarm #afroecology #soilfulcity #agroecology

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