I believe in being myself wherever I go. Sometimes the Brittney you interact with may be a tad more refined, but regardless it’s always me. I turned my cubical walls into my personal mural/collage. My wall is a mix of my aspirational urban planning quotes, spiritual reminders, photographs of my travels/research, family images, and some of my paintings. 

My pinboard serves as a reminder for me (and my co-workers) that this is just one stop in a life long journey. There was more and there will be more. But it also allows people to come to me in a more authentic self at work, so we can be more collaborative and innovative. 

It’s reflective of what my intent is at work. You know my motivation. Now some people will ask – “well can’t people exploit/hurt you if they know too much?” In practice, people who want to hurt you, will try to hurt you in anyway that they can. My purpose is to bring light. So when, the attackers come there won’t be any places to hide. 

It’s key for us (whoever is reading this and me) to remember that We have the power to define our space (area surrounding our bodies or spheres of influence), and through that power, we also dictate the space of others. That is a mighty influential responsibility, if we choose to hold that power with care.

My hope is that as a convener of people, that I allow others to feel welcome in a space and can feel like their authentic self. Whether that be in my office, in the field, in the classroom, in my home, or walking down the street.

Choose to be you today, wherever you are.

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