Crisis in Flint

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What’s going on in Flint and the current water crisis is so complicated. There are some many levels of injustice that is just hard to completely wrap your mind around. 
One aspect is financial and failed economics and what happens when people are too poor to leave a poor community. 
Then there is this failed public policy and disgusting attitudes that people had towards changing the water supply. You start thinking “we’re they trying to kill these people”. If this is the WATER, imagine what the condition of the rest of the city is like. 
One thing, that I haven’t heard in much detail is the condition of the infrastructure in the city. Pipes are Corroding to the point where they are leaking into the water. It just sounds like the entire community is crumbling at people’s feet.

And I wonder, will towns like Flint ever recover? Will our new ghost towns be miles of abandoned textile  factories instead of coal mines? 

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