Where to live if you want to survive a zombie apocalypse: The definitive guide

If you know me, then you know I am have been preparing for the ZOMPAC since I first watched the original Night of the Living Dead in middle school. Granted, I may not be at the level that Max Brooks requires, but I think I have enough cleverness and a good number of Girl Scout badges to not go out like Sophia or Lizzie (look at the flowers anyone?)

For all those who have earned their Senior First Aid badge (in all fairness  I dropped out when I was a Junior), The Washington Post has created a handy map and guide to help you determine your likelihood to survive the big one.  And the big one being the return of the AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The map pretty much tells us everything we already knew, if you live anywhere near the DC Metro area, you are pretty much screwed. The ZOMPAC would probably break out in this area and The population, close proximity to the President, Pentagon, and Medical Research Facilities, means that we would probably be the first to be sacrificed.

In all seriousness, the map factors in serious data that really impacts our society with respect to climate change and economic prosperity.

Learn how your County fares – Where to live if you want to survive a zombie apocalypse: The definitive guide via The Washington Post

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