Prince George’s approves food trucks, Montgomery extends vendors’ hours

Food Trucks are now legal again in Prince George’s County! After a more than decade ban on mobile eateries, the Prince George’s County Council voted to allow food trucks at many of the County’s Metro Stations. This marks a huge victory for healthy and fresh food offerings in Prince George’s County. Many areas in the County are either food deserts (lacking access to grocery stores or food options) or are food swamps (overabundance of fast food restaurants).When the ban was first put into place during the mid to late 1990s, many lawmakers (and some residents) saw food trucks as blight or even “roach coaches.” Today, food trucks are regarded as a hip and affordable option to eat gourmet food. Much love and support to the Prince George’s County Food Equity Council for the diligent support on this effort.

Read the full story here

Prince George’s approves food trucks, Montgomery extends vendors’ hours – via The Washington Post

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