Pop Up River Clean Up

I’m on my morning walk along the Anacostia River in Colmar Manor across from Bladensburg Waterfront Park and what do I see? There is a ton a trash that spans at least a quarter of a mile. The multiple rainstorms have caused a lot of runoff (and trash) to flow into the river and have also caused the river to rise. When the river returns to its “natural” level some of the trash is left behind on the banks. the trash on the banks is only a fraction of what’s on the river. But if we can collect the trash by the banks, then that’s less trash in our #anacostia 
  So here’s what I am proposing. At 1:30, I’ll be at the bridge crossing the Bladensburg Waterfront Park with trash bags, gloves, and trash pickers. Anyone want to put their Captain Planet days to use and be a #planeteer is welcome to join. Bring some rain boots #popuprivercleanup

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