Sharing Family Fables…Vent on Rachel Dolezal

My maternal grandparents on their Wedding Day

I don’t care about Rachel Dolezal. I don’t want to read more about how she pretended to be a a black woman. People are giving this woman more shine. Release her artwork, her presentations, her scholarly writings. Now, she’s getting press interviews. You know a book deal is coming soon. People studied and researched this woman for a week now. If blackness only exists in comparison to whiteness then what is it really to be black?

Do you know the stories of the octoroons who passed for white? Or your grandfather who was hired as the First Black Hess Truck Driver because they thought he was white? Have you tried to preserve that legacy? Do you know the roots that Aunt Shug used to conjure up? Did you know your Grandmother spoke to fires? Granny is going to be gone soon. Have you done any harvesting in your own family?

My paternal grandparents.

Go home and collect the fables of your family. Don’t dig them up by the roots. Make sure that there are still some stories to tell. I’m pretty certain Rachel Dorzeal has enough of her own, and now everyone is collecting them for her.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all one big artistic experiment or ethnography. “I lived life as a black woman this is what it was like”. You know they don’t want to hear our stories by is anyways.

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