The Learning Tree: An Exploration of Intergenerational Exchanges

Greensboro’s Heart will partner with The African American Atelier, to present The Learning Tree, a collaborative art exhibition that highlights the impact of inter-generational communication and mentoring in the African American community. The exhibition will be on display at The African American Atelier Gallery from August 18 – September 26, 2013.

The Learning Tree features a collection of works by artists, previously featured at The African American Atelier, and their mentor/protégées. Each mentor/protégée pair will create one collaborative work in an attempt to capture the essence of their mentorship. By using art, The Learning Tree creates a literal representation of the union of wisdom and vitality.

The entire show celebrates what we acquire when we are fully open to learning. A prominent principal in the African & African-American culture is the concept of Sankofa; literally translating to ‘it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.’ The word serves as a reminder of the importance of learning and drawing from the past in order to move forward. 

The list of artists showing in the show is amazing! Will release more details later this week!

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