Weekend Excursion: Kilgore Falls, Maryland

This weekend we traveled to Kilgore Falls for a quick getaway to a distant land not so far away!  Kilgore Falls is a part of Maryland’s Rocks State Park which is located in Hartford County, Maryland. This 19ft waterfall, is the second highest  free-fall waterfall in the state of Maryland.

On our way up we grabbed a bite from the Beef Shack for some good ole Maryland bbq! If you’re ever on Jarretsville Pike or 146, do your self a favor and grab a bite as well. You will not regret it, unless your a vegetarian, but I think they had veggies too. 

It is always fascinating to reflect upon the diversity in geography and culture in the state of Maryland. Within two hours, we journeyed past the Bladensburg Waterfront (site of the Battle of Bunkerhill), the jetliners at Thurgood Marshall Airport, the industrial town of to the rolling hills of Baltimore County, and stopping in the abundant farmland of Hartford County. 
While the locales today are seperated by no more than an hour an half in time, the spirit of the communities that were developed 200+ years ago still lingers.  That is what makes awesome Boros. Towns that have their own qualities, their own life, their on characteristics and charm.  
Get up, get out and set out your own adventure!

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