Life’s greatest balancing act

On my daily walks to and from the Metro station, I pass a man who stands near the escalator singing.  Some days his lips whistles the tunes of Amazing Grace, other days he serandes up the tunes.  But every time he sings, I can assure you it is a song about his Christian faith.  How could a man, be so embolden by his faith, that every day, rain or shine, he bravely and fearlessly, talks about his faith to anyone who passes by.  Every day, on his on soap box, affirming his beliefs, to some who listen, to some who disregard, and to many who snicker and make fun.  

Everyday, as I see him singing, I ask myself: Do I have the same courageous spirit, to not only speak about what I believe but to actually BE LIVE.  To let go of the perceptions that others have actualized of me.  Time after time my conclusion is, like the man’s song, is the same. No. Why?  Fear.

Fear is a peculiar entity, with which humanity has a very delicate relationship.  On one level, fear taps into our primal instincts, allowing us to react swiftly to danger.  On the other, fear triggers a subconscious that has been permeated and tainted with an over abundance of mis-information that has been relentlessly pushed on us by our neighborhood anchormen.  

Fear has become our only survival mechanism. Our goals are no longer to survive to reproduce or to enjoy life, but to survive solely not to be percieved as insane.   Not surviving to be balanced and wholistic, but surviving to not be perceived as insane. 

Fear, itself, directly contradicts the goal of nature.  Nature seeks balance and harmony.  This idea is described physics in  Newton’s Laws of Motion.  Spiritually, this is recognized as the law of retribution or causation.  In math, its identified as the golden rule (what you do to one side you must do to the other).

There are two ways to define an imbalance.  Imbalances are either a result of abundance or deficiency.  For instance, if a baby gets thrush, it is a result of an over production of yeast, an organism that naturally grows in the body.   Whereas if a bakers attempts to makes a loaf of bread, but fails to put enough active yeast in the dough, it fails to rise. 

In the case of fear, the imbalance is a defiency of love.  A lack of love.  Why there is a lack of love varies, and how fear manifests varies.  But it exsists.  With love, there is no imbalance of abundance.  Love itself is balance.  Once you are love, you are balanced, remaining love is the tricky part. I find humming to myself a good way to tip the scale.

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