Communitas Art

Talk about a random [he]ART filled moment! On Friday night, Manny and I headed downtown to check out the End of Days, a play in the Triad Stage’s Upstage Cabaret performed by Paper Lantern Theatre Company, but we just missed it because I was talking on the phone.  But there’s always a [he]ART in Greensboro.  Just two doors down from where we were trying to go, we ended up where we needed to be at the Communitas Arts reception for a former UNCG student Peter Goff, who had recently travelled to Malawi n a Fulbright Fellowship. 

The exhibit featured 10 artists from throughout Greensboro (12 if you include the two musicians).  I chatted with Nicole Elliot, and Jonea Mohn who do a lot of work with Communitas Arts.  Nicole had a series of photographs that she took with her iPhone that looks like they were shot with a Holga Camera.   

I wanted to speak with Jonea to learn more about Communitas Arts.

The voice you hear in the background of that video, is Stephen Kent (with a PH). Stephen Kent is an emerging acoustic artist in Greensboro.  He’s only 21 years old, but he has the mature demeanor of a man who is at least 30. I think he had his first glass of wine while I talked to him last night.  Check him out on myspace He just finished his first album, The Road of Good Intentions. Life is like that some times, I’m just glad my good intentions led me here. 

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