Reason #8: Kids Voting!

Each year I always know when it is time to vote  when I see all of the Voting Posters in the main atrium of the Greensboro Cultural Center.  Each year in Guilford County, as soon as Early Voting Starts for the 18 and up crowd, Kids Voting starts for the 17 and under.  Kids Voting gives Guilford County public school students the chance to cast their votes for their City Officials.  As a part of the program, there is an art-contest to stimulate civic awareness.  This year Kids Voting’s theme was Democracy Marches On!.

Kids Voting – Guilford County is a nonpartisan organization that strives to prepare young people to be educated, engaged citizens. As a child, I participated in a similar program at my pre-school when Bill Clinton was first elected.  I casted my vote for Ross Perot, all I knew was that he had a lot of money. In 2009, 65% of Greensboro residents voted for former mayor Yvonne Johnson and 70% approved the Greensboro Natural Science Center Bond.  Its always really exciting to see young people ready to become enthusiastic citizens of our society.  Optimistic to pursue change and create unity. 

This year’s Kids Voting Poster Contest winner was Crystal Song of Greensboro Academy. The posters were hung by Girl Scout Troops 41109 and 40182! Early voting in Guilford County lasts until October 29 and the General Election is November 2.

Visit the Greensboro Cultural Center to see more of the posters from the Kids Voting Contest, or check them out here

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