One of the biggest heARTs in Greensboro is of course the Greensboro Cultural Center. Each day, there are hundreds of people, from all walks of life, traveling through one of Greensboro’s main corridors of diversity.  There are all sorts of classes, galleries, and workshops in the building.  African Drumming to Zumba.  If you can think of it this place has it.

Always to my surprise, the multi-cultural hub always supplies me with a little more heART to make it back and forth to Winston-Salem each day.

On Tuesdays a little after 6:00pm, the Guilford County Native American Association Dance and Drum classes for Native American grade school students   Nora Dial, leads the culture classes for young Native Americans, as a way to improve the youngsters self-identity.  Very often, Nora explained “These children are the only American Indian in their schools”  The most important value that the participants get in the classes is the concept of respect – respect for the circle, respect for your elders, and respect for yourself.  

In addition to leading the dance classes for 30 years Nora, is an advisor to American Indian students at UNCG.  Immediately as I came inside the practice area, I was the excited about the enthusiasm that Nora had showed me as I ventured into her private circle. She answered many of the questions that I asked about her particular “tribe” in North Carolina.  She answered all of the questions that I had in regards to Native American Cultural and social issues in the American Indian community.  

The following week, I was sitting in the Atelier office and the commanding drumming was so moving, I stopped my work to listen.  Every young man sat around the drum and played, one drum, together.  Not only was the music overwhelming but so was the scne.  On this Tuesday, the boys were learning how to drum. A  group of older men made the young boys were sit in a circle around the drum.  Every one had a drum stick. And they drum and sang.  

To learn more about the Guilford Native American Association, visit

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