Expand your heART in Greensboro this weekend!

Even if I don’t have the time to have an art life, you can!  Here are my 5 recommendations of how to expand your heART this weekend in Greensboro.  

  1. Opening of Art: Unauthorized @ the Greensboro Cultural Center
    On Friday at 6:00pm the Center for VIsual Arts will open its latest, and probably freshest exhibition ever featuring street art & Graffiti. I’ve been waiting for this exhibition to open since July. This is what Greensboro has been needing! I managed to get a few early glimpses of the show when the artists were dropping off work and while Houston Patton (of Kingpin Studios) did a live tag! See my sneak peaks -> here
  2. The Brand New Life @ The Blind Tiger
    The first time I heard this band play I fell in LOVE.  They fuse jazz, with life; mix it with a little bit of funky afro-beat, and just throw a soul full of love in the pot.  Listen to a snippet of Myspace if you don’t believe me. The guys have a lot of fun making the music, and trust me you will have a lot of fun listening.  This Saturday at 10:00pm. Don’t miss it! 
  3. The Glass Menagerie @ Triad Stage
    Triad Stage is the best live theater in North Carolina. I’ve attended every play during past two seasons and I enjoy every single one. The theater is comparable to Arena Stage or Studio Theater in Washington, DC and they offer student tickets for $10.00. Friday September 10 is opening night and it will run until September 26. You have enough time to save your money! 


  4.  Music @ The Blandwood Mansion
    Blandwood Mansion is a newbie for me.  I’ve never visited the mansion before, so if you see me there, it will be our first time together.  This is a great choice for a lazy afternoon this Sunday. From 2-6 hear House of Dues & Melva Houston. I hope I can finish my homework in time. 


  5. 5 By O’Henry @ Greensboro Historical Museum
    5 by O’Henry (aka William Sydney Porter) features 5 short plays by Greensboro’s iconic writer.  I was first introduced to 5 by O’Henry during my junior year of college.  My Humanities professor Dr. Greene was the organist & pianist during evening of short plays.  This Year’s Play Titles: Pride of the Cities, Witches Loaves, Blind Mans Holiday, By Courier One, Thousand Dollars.  Find showtimes at the Greensboro Historical Museum.


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