Reason #3: Josh & Sam

Josh & SamLast Saturday, I went on a quest to find live blue crabs in Greensboro.If you aren’t familiar with Greensboro’s geographic location, its in the middle of North Carolina, about a good 5 hours from the coast, so trying to find live, fresh, seafood is a really a hard task.

After about an hour’s long google search, I located the SUPER G MART, an international market located on West Market, sold live blue crabs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  As I walked into the store, I noticed these two guys strolling the grounds geared with a mic and headphones.  Interesting! I thought to myself as I put plantains in my cart. 

 As my adventure in the colorfully designed store continued, my cousin Valawnda and I ran into the two gentlemen, literally! That’s when I found out their story. Josh and Sam are apart of the Super G: Experiential Residency Program, which is an intensive three-week residency that invites thinkers and practitioners to collectively develop projects that are directed towards the production of “experience.” 

This month just so happened to be Sam and Josh’s turn. Unlike the artists before them, Sam and Josh wanted to know your experiences while shopping at Super G Mart. They journey through the aisles documenting others experiences, conversations, and feelings while visiting the market.

On Monday we went back and conducted an audio tour, and got invited into their lair, complete with a tent and a helloKitty stuffed animal. Sam acted like the artists before them left it there, but eventually Josh confessed that it was his. Lol.  Much love to Josh and Sam for making my first time at the Super G Mart a memorable one!

Both of the guys are local artists and BMXers. Sam does publication designs by day and has really beautiful hair (see his facebook for the braided look) Josh is a senior at UNCG majoring in Fine Art, focusing in printwork and film.

This Saturday at 6:00pm, the guys will be conducting a talk about their experiences at the Super G Mart, at the Super G Mart. For more information about the event or their project free Check them out on facebook Josh Norman and Sam Bridges.

Learn more about the Super G Mart Artist’s Collaborative <– here.

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