Greensboro’s heART

I am just going to be blunt about this. I love art. I love music. I love history. I love people. So when I first moved to Greensboro, North Carolina in August of 2005 I cried for a week straight!

I was uprooted from the bustling (and superhero powerful) metropolis of Washington, DC to start undergraduate education at North Carolina A&T State University (Aggie Pride anyone?), in what felt like the middle of no where. The city buses only ran once an hour. There were only 2 malls.  The only art galleries or museums that I knew of were connected to the colleges. The club djs only played their radio playlists in the club. UGH! Just dreadful.

At home I was used to my spending days wandering. There were so many times I’ve held hour long conversations with the security officers at the  National Gallery of Art or the time I got lost in the Sculpture Garden outside of the Smithsonian’s African Art Museum.   Plays at the Kennedy Center, Studio Theater and Arena Stage!  Movies on the Mall.  At sunset, I would walk along the tidal basin, visiting all the Americans whose lives were so legendary, they were plastered in stone, forever.  Nights at 9:30 were the best! Chuck Brown, UCB, Dead Prez, MIA, Method Man :wub. 

Home was where the art was, so home was where my heart was..

Fast forward 5 years, almost exactly to the date, and I am still in Greensboro?  In this small city I’ve found a huge heART and it makes me 🙂 every time I learn more! So many artists who love the same things I do.  Don’t get it twisted! I have not forsaken DC. I am in a love triangle with the Chocolate City and the Gate City, and I just can’t leave either alone. 

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